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International Academic on Contemporary Art and Design Exhibition (INACADE) is an international academic exhibition on contemporary art and design initiated by the School of Design – Binus University. INACADE become the melting pot to meet and gather discussion for various ideas, artwork, and design based on academic experiment from various countries. This activity whom attended by lecturers and students (academics) from the fields of art and design will include an exhibition of visual artwork, presentation, and discussions.

INACADE that held annually aims to explore and raise local wisdom and pour it through contemporary visual artwork including graphic design, photography, illustration, typography, furniture, 3D arts, video, motion graphics, animation, etc.

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On the past one year, we have been sleeping away throughout the pandemic. As the time runs fast, it gets more difficult to detect the implications of changes that we have occurred. The 4.0 revolution that we haven’t fully understand has rapidly changed into 4.5 revolution and even followed by 5.0 revolution in a fast and massive way. Humans are not only hacking data networks in the form of IoT, AI to run the power of the world. Their vision to hacks their own self in the form of Synthetic Biology leads the human to be connected biologically with network and machine. We are also faced with virtual rooms that all of a sudden become the global fast track to rule the world – take Google, Microsoft, and Amazon for the example. Leaders of large capital in a small scale also starting to show up in the social media with their creative contents.

The social live that we live in has been hacked in such a way, unconsciously makes us forget about the process and the perpetrator. On the other hand, the geopolitical map of the world is stretching sharply. The emergence of an axis of economic power in Asia with the revival of the modern silk route through the Belt and Road Initiative. The awareness of oceanic countries and mineral owners is vital to increase their bargaining power. Not to mention the climate change issues and the survival of humankind has become a global challenge in the innovation map. The visual exposure of the planet Mars until the New Horizon expedition succeeded in approaching Pluto, showing that the imagination of land tenure of the human population continues to be activated. New innovations are also sparked in order to maintain the survival of our planet (planet survival). The chaos of change that occurs, puts us as creative producers in an empty space to join all together or fall off into change.

Age and time moves rapidly, changing rules by rules that we have been applied. A lot of new things come and go in our life without us know nor understand it. Huge changes need a medium in order to work well. New innovations are needed to be a bridge over the age and time. Every discipline has a responsibility to fulfill the new spaces that are still out of touch and difficult to understand by the current happenings. The INACADE 2021 “New Space” artistic event invites creative producers, both design and other visual arts to explore all together in creating, providing new innovation and offers that were unthinkable from the conceptual, medium development, and further as a solution to the new era.

“New Space” is a new offer of creative discourse in exploring and developing conventional artistic mediums, throughout the upcoming possibilities in the new uncharted era. Empty spaces for Neo avangardism to explore, to appear, and to present various artistic ideas in order to fill in the imaginative puzzle of the global community, built by local wisdom nor creative ideas that are truly new, run unlimitedly with no boundaries.

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Artwork Requirements

INACADE 2021 opens for all faculty member and student in the field of art and design.

Participants of INACADE 2021 are FREE of any charge.

Submitted artwork has to be original and produced in between the year of 2019 – 2021.

Participants can be individual or group.

Each participant can submit either a single artwork or series of artworks.

Each work is accompanied by a description / concept of the work equivalent to 200 words and is written in English.

There should not be any logo, institution name or sign in the artworks and it should not contain symbols and images that are political, religious, against human rights, or sexuality.

INACADE 2021 accept works in the form of:
Flat image (Graphic design, illustration, photography, sculpture, furniture, 3d, etc):
Artworks should be designed vertically, A3 size, 72 dpi and 300 dpi, RGB, sent in PDF format.
Inappropriate artworks will be eliminated without being evaluated.

Video/ animation/ motion graphic: in MP4 (H.264/ H.265) video format with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD), Audio: 48000 Hz, duration within 5 minutes max.
Inappropriate artworks will be eliminated without being evaluated.

3D object works (sculpture, furniture, etc) can be sent either in one of both formats.

Work File Naming and Format:
a. File naming for single works:
Artist Name_Artworks Name_72dpi
Artist Name_Artworks Name_300dpi

b. File naming for more than one or serial works:
Artist Name_Artworks Name_01_72dpi
Artist Name_Artworks Name_02_72dpi
Artist Name_Artworks Name_01_300dpi
Artist Name_Artworks Name_02_300dpi

All visual artists and designers will receive a certificate, a soft copy (PDF) of the final copy table book (ISBN).

The committee has the right to use the submitted work for publication purposes.

All visual artists/ designers who participated in this event and whose designs are selected to be exhibited are deemed to have accepted the terms of this specification in advance.

All intellectual property rights are owned by the respective artists. Each artist is responsible for their own work, especially regarding plagiarism which can lead to legal problems.

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Open for entries

5 May - 5 June 2021

Virtual exhibition

25 June 2021

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